Agenda for Annual Parish Meeting on Tuesday 11th May 2021

Agendas Uploaded on May 2, 2021

AGENDA for the Annual Meeting of Matfen Parish Council on Tuesday 11th May 2021 at 19:00

521.01  Election of Chairman.

521.02  To receive Chairman’s Declaration of Acceptance of Office.

521.03  To receive Councillors’ Declarations of Acceptance of Office.

521.04  To consider co-option to fill two vacancies.

521.05  To receive questions from residents in relation to Matfen Parish.

521.06  To receive apologies for absence.

521.07  To receive Declarations of Interest.

521.08  County Councillor’s Report.

521.09  To approve and sign the minutes of the meetings held on 30 March 2021.

521.10  Actions taken following the meetings held on 30 March 2021.

521.11  Finance/Administration

  1. Accounts for payment – to approve items of expenditure.

521.12  Annual Governance and Accountability Report 2020-2021

  1. To approve the Annual Governance Statement 2020-2021
  2. To approve the draft annual accounts for 2020-2021
  3. To approve the Accounting Statement and Explanation of Variances 2020-2021
  4. To accept and approve Internal Auditor’s Report 2020-2021

521.13  Correspondence and information items

521.14  Planning Applications

  1.  To receive decisions of submitted planning applications.
  2.  To consider responses to planning application received

521.15  Village Issues and Highways Matters

  1. To consider proposal for improvements to the Jubilee Garden [See enclosed correspondence]

521.16  Any urgent business as allowed by the chairman/Agenda items for next meeting [ For information only]

521.17  Date and time of next meeting

Correspondence received since the March meeting

Most of these have already been forwarded to councillors by email.

  • Northumberland County Council – Chief Executive’s Briefing – HRH Duke of Edinburgh
  • Northumberland County Council – Northumberland Respect Campaign
  • Unity Trust Bank – Confirmation of account opening
  • Northumberland County Council – Street lighting upgrades
  • Community Action Northumberland – CAN eNews – April 2021
  • Residents objections to proposals for Jubilee Garden

 Accounts for payment on 11th May 2021

Payee Details Gross payment VAT Net Payment Cheque number
Great North Air Ambulance Donation 25.00 25.00 101163
P Chaffer Purchase of refurbished bench 35.00 35.00 101164
Mrs A Senior Clerical services 469.23 469.23 101165
H M Revenue and Customs PAYE 117.20 117.20 101166
Mrs A Senior Play area inspections 75.00 75.00 101167
Northumberland Assoc of Local Councils Subscription 2021 145.22 145.22 101168

Planning applications

Reference Number Address Description
21/00677/FUL Land west of Rose Cottage, Kearsley Farm, Ingoe Conversion of poultry building to create 3no private dwellings together with 3no sewage treatment plants and access track.
21/01153/FUL Woodside, Matfen Construction of new porch roof and front door
21/00471/VARYCO West Fenwick Farm, Main Road, Fenwick Variation of condition 2 (approved plans) on approved application CM/20090477 in order to vary design
21/01328/FUL Fenwick Towers Cottage, Fenwick Detached garage, gym and bedroom suite with glazed link