Agenda for the meeting on Tuesday 27 July 2021

Agendas Uploaded on July 21, 2021

AGENDA for the Meeting of Matfen Parish Council on                     Tuesday 27th July 2021 at 19:00


721.01  To receive questions from residents in relation to Matfen Parish.

721.02  To receive apologies for absence.

721.03  To receive Declarations of Interest.

721.04  County Councillor’s Report.

721.05  To approve and sign the minutes of the meetings held on 11th May 2021.

721.06  Actions taken following the meetings held on 30 March 2021.

721.07  Finance/Administration

a)     Accounts for payment – to approve items of expenditure.

b)     To consider request for sponsorship from Matfen Cricket Club [see enclosed information]

  1. To consider request for donation from Citizens Advice Northumberland [see enclosed information]
  2. To consider request for financial support from Sport Tynedale [See enclosed information]

721.08  Correspondence and information items

721.09  Planning Applications

a)     To receive decisions of submitted planning applications.

b)     To consider responses to planning application received

721.10  Village Issues and Highways Matters

a)     To consider request for open access to the defibrillator [See enclosed correspondence]

b)     To consider request for a memorial bench outside the village shop/hall [See enclosed correspondence]

c)      To discuss and consider actions arising from the tree survey and consider replanting to replace any felled trees [See enclosed]

d)     To consider priorities for inclusion in the Local Transport Plan 2022-2023 [See enclosed]

e)     To discuss footpath access used by parishioners, currently closed.

f)       To discuss maintenance plan for Parish Council assets [See enclosed information]

g)     To discuss how to improve communications within the village/parish

h)     To receive reports from councillors on any village issues/highways matter which require attention

721.11  To discuss how the Parish Council can support volunteers.

721.12  Any urgent business as allowed by the chairman/Agenda items for next meeting [ For information only]

721.13  Date and time of next meeting

Correspondence received since the May meeting.

Most of these have already been forwarded to councillors by email.

  • Northumberland County Council – Northumberland Local Plan Examination: Consultation on Main Modifications
  • Resident – Speeding in Ingoe
  • Matfen Cricket Club – Request for sponsorship
  • Northumberland County Council – NCC Neighbourhood Planning Newsletter – May 2021
  • Northumberland County Council – Project Gigabit: Call for Evidence
  • Citizens Advice Northumberland – Update and request for donation
  • Sport Tynedale – Request for financial support
  • Community Action Northumberland – eNews July 2021
  • Community Foundation – Green Rigg Wind Farm Community Benefit Fund

 Accounts for payment on 27th July 2021

Payee Details Gross payment VAT Net Payment Cheque number
Playsafety Ltd Play area inspections 164.40 27.40 137.00 300002
Matfen Village Hall Hall rental – May 2021 15.00 15.00 300003
Mrs A Senior Clerical services 469.23 469.23 BACS
H M Revenue and Customs PAYE 117.20 117.20 BACS
Northumberland ALC Training events x 6 30.00 30.00 BACS
Matfen Village Hall Hall rental – July 2021 15.00 15.00 BACS
Mrs A Senior Play area inspections 75.00 75.00 BACS
Unity Trust Bank Bank account charges 18.00 18.00 DD
Woodsman Arboricultural Consultancy Tree survey consultancy and report 420.00 70.00 350.00 BACS
Tynedale Vermin Control Felling of tree – village green 1950.00 1950.00 BACS
Barclays Bank Bank account interest 0.08 0.08 09.06.21

 Planning applications

Reference Number Address Description
21/00677/FUL Land west of Rose Cottage, Kearsley Farm, Ingoe Conversion of poultry building to create 3no private dwellings together with 3no sewage treatment plants and access track. GRANTED
21/01153/FUL Woodside, Matfen Construction of new porch roof and front door  GRANTED
21/02036/FUL School House, Paddock Close, Matfen Installation of 3no rooflights, enlarged kitchen window and rear door
21/02401/FUL    21/02402/LBC South Hall, Ingoe Ground floor internal alterations including removal of existing staircase to back hall/office and construction of new floor with plaster board ceiling below; formation of boxing for soil pipe within downstairs wc, make good modern panelling as necessary; replacement of modern timber fireplace to drawing room with new marble fireplace to match study fireplace. First floor internal alterations including removal of existing staircase to games room as above; formation of new ensuite to existing games room/new bedroom; construction of stud wall with new door, architraves and skirting to match existing. Installation of new cast iron effect external soil waste pipe; removal of existing wall and door forming under stair cupboard to first – second floor staircase; and installation of new newel post and balustrade. Second floor internal alterations

including formation of new bathroom within existing bedroom. Construction of stud wall with skirting to match existing; formation of new door opening in existing stud wall, installation of new door and architrave to match existing. Installation of new soil waste pipe to run internally in boxing to ground floor wc and connect to existing drainage; removal of existing wall and door forming cupboard to existing bedroom. Make good plaster to walls and skirting.