2019-03 March – Minutes

Minutes Uploaded on March 16, 2021

Matfen Parish Council
Ward 1 – Fenwick, Ingoe, Ryal. Ward 2 – Matfen
Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council held in Matfen Village Hall on Tuesday 26th March 2019 at 7.00pm.
Present: Stuart Mills (Chairman), Mr Keith Irving (Vice Chairman), Mr Frank Robson, Mrs Ann Gregory-Smith, Hugh Murphy & Mr Chris Austin
Rachel Dempsey and Barbara Chaffey (Residents)
0922. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE. County Councillor Mrs Veronica Jones
0923. DECLARATION OF INTEREST. Cllr Mrs A Gregory Smith declared a personal interest in item 8b as her husband is Chairman of Matfen Table Tennis Club.
0924. APPOINTMENT OF NEW CLERK. Unfortunately, Jo Bramley had left as Clerk to the Council. Mandy Senior had been carrying out the clerical duties for the last 2 months on a temporary basis until a more permanent solution could be found. It was proposed by Cllr S Mills, seconded by Cllr Mrs A Gregory Smith and AGREED to employ Mandy Senior on a permanent basis. Mandy agreed to this and a contract will be prepared.
0925. RESIDENTS. Two residents attended the meeting to discuss the possibility of the Parish Council providing additional play area equipment in Matfen. The Parish Council is very supportive of providing equipment in Matfen and has money in the budget to fund a new project. After discussion, it was agreed that it would not be possible to locate a new play area on the village green however other locations would be considered. The Parish Council asked Rachel to speak to other parents in the village to discuss what kind of equipment they would like and where it could be located and come back to the next meeting with a proposal/plan. The clerk provided the contact details of Kompan who had installed the play area in Ingoe.
0926. MINUTES OF THE MEETING HELD ON 29th January 2019. It was proposed by Cllr S Mills, seconded by Cllr Mrs A Gregory Smith and AGREED to accept the minutes as an accurate record.
a) ACCOUNTS FOR PAYMENT. It was proposed by Cllr S Mills, seconded by Cllr Mrs A Gregory Smith and AGREED accounts on the list attached be paid.

  • Mrs A Senior – Clerical Services £455.60 Cheque number 101023
  • H M Revenue and Customs – PAYE £113.80 Cheque number 101024
  • Matfen Village Hall – rent – £10.00 Cheque number 101025
  • Mrs L Paterson – Cleaning supplies 17.50 Cheque number 101026
  • Northumberland ALC – Replacement cheque number 973 lost in post – £131.81 Cheque number 101027
  • Came and Company – insurance £434.09 Cheque number 101028
  • Northumbria Pest Control – Mole trapping £210.00 (VAT £35.00) Cheque number 101029
  • Matfen Table Tennis Club – Contribution towards lights £169.50 Cheque number 101030

b) TO CONSIDER REQUEST FROM TABLE TENNIS CLUB. The table tennis club have had several quotes to replace the lighting in the Village Hall with LED. The best quote is for £206 for the table tennis lights and £453 for the six strip lights (total £639). The Table Tennis Club have offered to pay £300 towards the cost and are asking the Parish Council and the Village Hall committee to pay the balance of £169.50 each. It was AGREED to contribute £169.50 towards the lights
0928. CORRESPONDENCE. All correspondence received since the January 2019 meeting had been listed on the agenda and circulated to all councillors.
Northumberland County Council have made the following orders prohibiting the use by vehicular traffic on the following routes.
a) C340 Matfen Junction to Belsay Castle Junction, Matfen. C340 Matfen junction to Belsay Castle junction from its junction with the C222 to its junction with the C341 for 2470m. It is expected the road will be closed from 10th April 2019 until 12th April 2019 between the hours of 8.30am-4.00pm.
b) U9001 Waterloo Junction to Fenwick Junction, Matfen. For its entire length. It is expected that the road will be closed from 25th February 2019 until 8th March 2019 at all times during this period.
c) B6318 Military Road, Stamfordham. B6318 Military Road from Stagshaw Roundabout heading east for 2140m. The road is expected to be closed from 8th April 2019 until 10th April 2019 between the hours of 8.30am-4.00pm during this period.
d) U9024 Hope Lane / U9022 Military Road Junction to Matfen Junction. U9024 Hope Lane for its entire length. U9022 Military Road Junction to Matfen Junction – from its junction with U9024 Hope Lane, to its junction with the U9025 West Moor House Junction for 700m. it is expected that the road will be closed from 23rd April 2019 until 25th April 219 between the hours of 8.30am-4.00pm during this period.
0930. NORTHUMBERLAND DRAFT LOCAL PLAN. It was noted that comments on the Publication Draft of the Northumberland Local Plan were invited during a six week period between 30 January 2019 and 13 March 2019.
• Northumberland Association of Local Councils – weekly eNews
• Northumberland County Council – Highway Services in Winter 2018
• Clerks and Councils Direct – February 2019 Issue 122
0933. LAND AT RYAL. The Planning enforcement officer has sent a letter to the owner requiring him to cease use of the land for the storage of the agricultural machinery, remove the soil bunds and return the land to its condition prior to the breaches of planning control. He’s set a deadline for these works to be completed by the 22nd of April 2019 and has pencilled a site visit in for the 23rd of April to ensure these works have been carried out. If the required works set out in the letter hasn’t been undertaken within that timeframe then we will then commence formal action against the owner of the land. It was AGREED that Cllr H Murphy would contact County Councillor Mrs V Jones to discuss taking action on the other piece of land in Ryal where additional vehicles are parked. It was noted that 3 lockups had appeared on the piece of land in Ryal behind the churchyard. Action: Cllr H Murphy to contact County Councillor Mrs V Jones.
a) Repairs to Aquaduct Wall by NWL. NWL had agreed to provide two picnic tables following the works to the aquaduct wall. These will be bought from Durham Prison where the tables are made by people who are going to be released. NWL will arrange for the tables to be delivered and installed. They will be asked if they will also remove the old benches. Action: Cllr C Austin to contact NWL to arrange.
b) Notice boards. It was AGREED to replace the notice boards in Ingoe and Ryal. Quotes will be obtained for wooden notice boards with headers. It was agreed that they do not need to lock. It was noted that the notice board purchased for Fenwick was still waiting to be installed. After discussion, it was felt that a notice board in Fenwick was not needed and would be of no use. The clerk advised that a neighbouring parish may be interested in purchasing the notice board. Action: The clerk to obtain quotes and contact the neighbouring parishes.
c) Mole Trapping. This had been carried out on the Village Green by Northumbria Pest Control. It was AGREED to put this in future budgets.
d) Gypsy and Traveller Liaison Officer. It was AGREED to invite Ken McDonald, NCC to the next meeting of the Parish Councillor to discuss the travellers who have been parking on the Village Green for the last 2 years.
e) Old Telephone Box. The red telephone box is in need of attention/painting. Action: Cllr K Irving to arrange the repairs.
f) Village Tidy up. Cllr K Irving is to arrange a spring tidy up around the village green.
g) Broadband. It was noted that Alncom had taken over the franchise of providing superfast broadband in rural areas. It was AGREED that Cllr C Austin would contact them asking if the Parish Council could help in any way and whether Alncom would be able to assist in the delivery of broadband in the outlying areas. Action: Cllr C Austin to contact Alncom.
h) Benches. It was AGREED to replace the benches in Ingoe and Ryal. As Durham Prison is providing the benches for Matfen Village Green it was AGREED to obtain quotes from them for additional benches. Action: Cllr C Austin to follow up.
i) Highways Issues. Cllr V Jones advised that she is to walk around the parish with the Highway Inspector to discuss various issues. The following issues will be sent to Veronica to discuss with NCC.
• Pot Holes – The road passed the village shop.
• Ingoe Mill – work had been carried out by the Mill however further works were to be carried out further along the road by the bridge. This work had not yet been done.
• Ditch – The ditch along the Ingoe, Ryal, Matfen road is in need of attention.
935. DATE OF NEXT MEETING. The next meeting is to be held on Tuesday 28th May 2019 at 7.00pm in the Village Hall. This will be the Annual Parish Meeting followed by the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council.