Jubilee Garden Proposal – Please read

Like everyone else, the Parish Council are aware of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations later this year and whilst plans are being made for celebrations in the village, the Parish Council would like to add to this by doing something that has a lasting legacy. With this in mind we would like to renovate the existing Jubilee Garden in the village, which is unfortunately a glorified weed patch at the moment and detracts from the beauty of the village. In doing so, we would like parishioners to notify the PC of ideas they have about how they would like this garden to look, and also we would love to hear from anyone who would be able to assist with this renovation, by giving a few hours of your time or to assist in any other way you can. We already have some people who have volunteered their time but as we all know, you can never have enough volunteers

Please contact the PC on with your suggestions and also whether you are able to assist in some way

Many thanks

Matfen Parish Council

3 thoughts on “Jubilee Garden Proposal – Please read

  1. I apologise if I am late in finding out about your plans to develop the Rememberance garden. Not being on facebook like most in my age group I was only told about this when others pointed out to me what was being suggested

    In short whoever’s described it as a glorified weed patch that detracts from the village is being far too quick to judge.
    It is a wonderful untouched spot, the last of its type on the village. I pass it many times most days and if you look at it in depth it has become an important untouched area despite its tiny size.
    It’s ne of the last outposts for the quickly fading wildlife of Matfen where bats and hedgehogs still hibernate and only last year the great spotted woodpeckers bred successfully as do several other specieseach year. After dark Tawny Owls hunt in it

    More than anything else however, forget what you see and just open your ears in spring and summer and listen to the beautiful song of the song thrushes and blackbirds who have had warbling points there ever since I can remember which is 40 years ago.
    We cannot think of destroying things like that

    Other viewpoints have been asked to tell you of include a fear of more visitors will make parking problems even worse.
    Many people who dont live on south or east side do not appreciate this is a problem now

    Equally the Council are right to think not enough people will be there to maintain whatever you want to change it to. That was proved with the communal allotment.

    However all I personally ask is to.give what little wildlife we have now a bit of room.
    This is a beautiful country village, where kids can grow up alongside nature, we should not take any more of that away from them.

    Be glad to attend a meeting if needed

    David H

    1. Thank you for your comments. They will be passed onto the Parish Council and taken into consideration when formulating the plans.

    2. “Equally the Council are right to think not enough people will be there to maintain whatever you want to change it to. That was proved with the communal allotment”. This comment is incorrect. The community allotment proved to be successful, with many members of the village coming together to make it work. The only reason it stopped was due to the sale of Matfen Hall and the land that the allotment was on – not due to a lack of support. Many people put in a lot of hours to make it a success, providing free vegetables for locals and also the People’s Kitchen during the pandemic.

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